Saturday, February 18, 2006

Hi this is my very first post. My Mum decided to set this up for me as I thought it would be a fun thing to do. So this is my dairy about the life of a Dog - not just any ordinary dog here but a hunter extraordinaire. This is nearly my full time occupation protecting my family from all the things that try and invade the yard and house. Sometimes they have no idea of the danger they are in. Every morning my first duty is to race outside and check out the pool make sure it is safe in case they want to go swimming. I have found all sorts of things in there, birds, mice, toads and more toads, lizards and other creepy crawlies. Then it is a few laps around the yard stopping to lift the leg (wait a minute if I lift my leg I am likely to fall over due to the longness of my body and the shortness of my legs so I have to squat) to mark my territory.

This is me in my favourite bed. I love to surround myself with my squeaky toys and mum is constantly getting me new toys to play with.

Mum and Dad sure have been busy racing around this morning - the house is getting a good clean they get out this machine that makes the most horrible nosie and it keeps trying to get me - no matter when I go it seems to follow me around. Dad has it out at the moment so I am hiding behind Mum's legs. Help I am sure Dad is out to get me with this monster. I wonder whether we are getting guests over - Oh boy I hope so as I love having visitors. It is such fun to race around and smell them and get lots of cuddles and pats. Well I am off to check out what Nath is doing as that monster has finally been put back into its hiding place.

Will let you know if we get visitors - I am so excited.
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