Monday, November 13, 2006
I have been Sick
I haven't been well. Mum has had me to the Vet's and when they poked my tummy it hurt but I was a real good boy and didn't try to bit them even though I felt like it. The only good thing about being sick is that Mum gives me extra cuddles. The Vet gave me some tablets to take and even though I don't like taking them I did without any fuss as Mum says they will make me feel better. I still feel a little sick and don't like eating much unless it is raw chicken. I don't even feel like my favourite food CHEESE Mum sez I must really be sick if I don't come when I hear the cheese being unwrapped.

Mum got to see Sally for the first time today and she got a KISS from her - I had to stay at home but Mum sez Sally will be here at Christmas time. I love Christmas and as this will be Sally's first Christmas I will show her what to do when it comes to unwrapping presents. I am really good at this Sally....hehehehehehe. Then I love to help everyone else unwrap there's.

We have new neighbours too and I got to play with them - they are French Poodles called Coco and Jaques. We got on great usually I don't like playing with other dogs but these ones were more my size and I really liked them.

We have had lot of pesky green frogs invading my
backyard and every night I check for these silly things - they sqwark like mad when I nudge them. Last night I got a bit carried away and tried to bit one but it made me feel a little sick and Mum got really mad with me and made me drink lots of milk. Mum always comes out and rescues them and takes them out the front - but they keep coming back. Mum thinks they are cute but I say they are silly sqwarky things.
I have to go and get a haircut as it is getting really hot and I will feel much cooler without all the hair on my body. Will get Mum to take a photo when I come back home.
Woof Woof for now.
PS. I forgot to say that Mum got me a new Jazzy look for my blog do you like it.....she always sez I can be a bit of a devil at times but I think I am the Angel most of the time
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