Wednesday, March 21, 2007
My Friend the Frog

Here is my little mate that I try and catch every night. I sit and wait patiently and I am so still that he thinks I am not there and when he jumps out I try to catch him. He is very quick and I never seem to be able to get him as he makes for the nearest tree and is up there before I can turn around. I luv to touch his wet skin with my nose it feels so cool. I am very good at keeping quiet so he doesn't know that I am there. The only thing is that is squawks something terrible and makes Mum come and go mad at me. I wuv playing this game. Sometimes he walks along the top of the fence and I bark and bark at him ------this makes Mum mad too. She says I will annoy the neighbours. When I bark Jacque and Coco (my friends next door) bark too. hehehehehe - am I naughty???? Nup
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