Tuesday, March 28, 2006
Bath Time

I love my bath time NOT. I can usually hear when Mum runs the water for my bath and I either do 1 of 2 things. Race outside and pretend that I am busy hunting or I go and hide under Nath's bed. Well she tricked me big time today. I DIDN't even hear her running my bath - I was busy cathching up on much needed sleep. Next thing I hear one of my favourite words CHEESE. My other favourite word is DINNER - can you see a pattern here - anything to do with eating. Back to being tricked by Mum. She had a lovely piece of cheese in her hand - she quickly grabbed me (gave me the chesse) and plonked me in the tub. She made me sit in the tub while she took my photo how bad is that - I could have gotten a really bad cold from that. The best part is where she wrappes me in the towels. I luv that bit even though my photo shows me looking grumpy. There is something about getting a bath that makes me race around like crazy and rubbing my ears on the mats and towels to get them dry. I feel so frisky after my bath - so I guess it's not that bad. Hi Scotty and Brooke don't I look cute and Mum tells me you are coming home to see me soon Scotty, I can't wait to get those special rubs behind my ears that you give me - somehow Mum never gets it right. Whoof Whoof
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Wednesday, March 22, 2006
Toad Patrol

Every morning it is my duty to do a toad patrol around the pool. Well this morning I started off on my patrol and guess what - Yep there was a toad swimming in my pool large as life as if he owned the place. I quickly raised my voice until Mum finely came out to investigate. You never guess what but the little rotter hid and Mum couldn't find it - she went back inside and then the slippery toad poked his head above water again. Finally Nathan came out to shut me up and he sure has better eyes than Mum cause he saw it. Mum then had to come back out and get the net out and fish him out of the pool. She only threw him over the fence - I hear her mutter something about it being a good toad and not one that we get all upset about. I tell you though a toad is a toad and it was in MY POOL. Also I think we have a mouse in the house - I hear scurrying in the celing last night and I barked and barked till it went away. I checked everything out this morning and could only get a whiff of its scent. I will be on guard duty tonight - no sleep for me.
Finally able to get a pic uploaded. I thought I would show you how to get Mum's attention while she stitches....hehehe
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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ooo Ohhh i've just been busted. I love getting on Nath's bed and wearing his clothes. I think these boxer shorts look great on me - what do you think. I am the original CHICK magnet Yeah yeah yeah. I have no idea what Mum was laughing so hard about. The color suits me fine and the feel of satin ohhhhh so slippery and sexy.
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About Time

Here is a picture of me asleep on my favourite pillow. I have constantly asked Mum to move those cords but do you think she will. After taking this picture she finally moved them. It has been raining outside all day to day and so I am only venturing out to do the you know what. Nothing like being snuggled up on a rainy wet day.

Nothing exciting has been happening here for a while except Mum is now home with me all the time. I thought maybe she is on holidays but she is still here after 3 weeks. Yippee I am in doggy heaven having her here with me all day. I get to beg little treats off her all the time but Mum says that I have to watch my weight since I had the little injection.

Mum has been showing me pics of other daschies and I heard Nathan and her laughing and ohhh and ahhhing over them - getting a bit jealous here. She said something about joining a list for daschies - not sure what that means though. Ohh well I had better keep a close eye on her.
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