Tuesday, September 09, 2008
In Rememberance
On January 10th 2008 at approx 5.30 pm Duc went to the Rainbow Bridge.

On minute he was racing around barking madly and the next he had passed away. He suffered very little pain and I was able to hold him in my arms until the end. It was all over in 5 mins. The vet said it was likely a blood clot straight to his heart. He left this life as he lived it full of life and fun. He would have hated it any other way.

He bought such joy into my life and loved me fiercely. He is missed terribly.

This was the verse in the card from the Vet's.

If today we say goodbye
Let not our parting make you cry
For I could not have had a better friend
To share my day with until their end

So think of me, as I know you will
As if I am beside you still
For as long as I remain in your heart
We will never be apart
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Wednesday, March 21, 2007
My Friend the Frog

Here is my little mate that I try and catch every night. I sit and wait patiently and I am so still that he thinks I am not there and when he jumps out I try to catch him. He is very quick and I never seem to be able to get him as he makes for the nearest tree and is up there before I can turn around. I luv to touch his wet skin with my nose it feels so cool. I am very good at keeping quiet so he doesn't know that I am there. The only thing is that is squawks something terrible and makes Mum come and go mad at me. I wuv playing this game. Sometimes he walks along the top of the fence and I bark and bark at him ------this makes Mum mad too. She says I will annoy the neighbours. When I bark Jacque and Coco (my friends next door) bark too. hehehehehe - am I naughty???? Nup
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Monday, November 13, 2006
I have been Sick
I haven't been well. Mum has had me to the Vet's and when they poked my tummy it hurt but I was a real good boy and didn't try to bit them even though I felt like it. The only good thing about being sick is that Mum gives me extra cuddles. The Vet gave me some tablets to take and even though I don't like taking them I did without any fuss as Mum says they will make me feel better. I still feel a little sick and don't like eating much unless it is raw chicken. I don't even feel like my favourite food CHEESE Mum sez I must really be sick if I don't come when I hear the cheese being unwrapped.

Mum got to see Sally for the first time today and she got a KISS from her - I had to stay at home but Mum sez Sally will be here at Christmas time. I love Christmas and as this will be Sally's first Christmas I will show her what to do when it comes to unwrapping presents. I am really good at this Sally....hehehehehehe. Then I love to help everyone else unwrap there's.

We have new neighbours too and I got to play with them - they are French Poodles called Coco and Jaques. We got on great usually I don't like playing with other dogs but these ones were more my size and I really liked them.

We have had lot of pesky green frogs invading my
backyard and every night I check for these silly things - they sqwark like mad when I nudge them. Last night I got a bit carried away and tried to bit one but it made me feel a little sick and Mum got really mad with me and made me drink lots of milk. Mum always comes out and rescues them and takes them out the front - but they keep coming back. Mum thinks they are cute but I say they are silly sqwarky things.
I have to go and get a haircut as it is getting really hot and I will feel much cooler without all the hair on my body. Will get Mum to take a photo when I come back home.
Woof Woof for now.
PS. I forgot to say that Mum got me a new Jazzy look for my blog do you like it.....she always sez I can be a bit of a devil at times but I think I am the Angel most of the time
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Saturday, July 08, 2006
A New Cousin

Finally Mum is letting me write here again. She has been really slack in helping me.

She got a phone call from her brother

telling us that he has a new baby. I was so excited for Uncle Brian and Aunty Terri. They lost their Sheli dog a couple of months ago and I know they were both very very sad.

So here is Sally dog- isn't she cute. She is a little Shanuzer and so very very tiny. I haven't got to meet her yet - I bet though she is full of beans and will run me ragged. I am not that young any more having just had my 10th birthday last month. So I will maybe have to hid when she comes to visit.

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Sunday, April 09, 2006
Man I've Been Busy

Boy have I been busy keeping my family safe. We have this mouse in the house and I am desperately trying to catch him but no one seems to be really worried. Every morning I wake up and rush around the house sniffing out where that sneaky mouse has been. I had my nose under the bookcase and you can tell by this pic that Mum is not the best house keeper - there were cob webs everywhere. All that dust gave me the sneezes.

Every night too I have been outside hunting oh boy is it fun. I never want to come inside to go to bed. Mum even tries to trick me by wafting a yummy chocolate in my face but then when I get inside she won't give me any - isn't she a big meannie. She does give me my favourite food though CHEESE. I reckon I can detect the cheese packet being opened miles away. Also ice block packets and ice cream - Yum Yum Yum. Mum can't sneak any of those foods without me sitting there and sucking her in with those huge puppy dog eyes. She is a real sucker hehehehehehehe I have her right where I want her. Well I am off outside to hunt again. I luv hunting .

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Monday, April 03, 2006
I'm in trouble

I have been having so much fun outside every night. I managed to squeeze though a barrier that stops me from getting into my favourite place for hunting. Mum forget to barricade it up 2 nights in a row.

Only problem is that there are lots of Farmer's Friends to get in my ears and I HATE getting my ears brushed when they get tangled. This is what Mum got out the first night and the second night was even worse. I tried every trick in the book - lying on my side while Mum brushes them but she just popped me in between her legs and got down to the business of getting them all out. It really hurts my ears even though she tries to be gentle. I was hoping she would cut them out. I was so excited the 2nd night and managed to get passed 2 barrier's to get that green frog that keeps coming into my space. Mum came out just as I got through the 2nd barrier and the frog jumped on Mum - it was toooooo funny. She wasn't impressed at all and quickly grabbed me and locked me inside. Spoiled sport.

Today she was up there pulling out all the Farmer's Friends - I had to stay down below the wall barking at her. Guess what she found while she was up there - a SNAKE Skin. She had made it so that I will never never be able to get back up there. I am sure I could make short work of a silly old snake. I'm a HUNTER for goodness sake. Sometimes she can be so over protective.............sigh.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006
Bath Time

I love my bath time NOT. I can usually hear when Mum runs the water for my bath and I either do 1 of 2 things. Race outside and pretend that I am busy hunting or I go and hide under Nath's bed. Well she tricked me big time today. I DIDN't even hear her running my bath - I was busy cathching up on much needed sleep. Next thing I hear one of my favourite words CHEESE. My other favourite word is DINNER - can you see a pattern here - anything to do with eating. Back to being tricked by Mum. She had a lovely piece of cheese in her hand - she quickly grabbed me (gave me the chesse) and plonked me in the tub. She made me sit in the tub while she took my photo how bad is that - I could have gotten a really bad cold from that. The best part is where she wrappes me in the towels. I luv that bit even though my photo shows me looking grumpy. There is something about getting a bath that makes me race around like crazy and rubbing my ears on the mats and towels to get them dry. I feel so frisky after my bath - so I guess it's not that bad. Hi Scotty and Brooke don't I look cute and Mum tells me you are coming home to see me soon Scotty, I can't wait to get those special rubs behind my ears that you give me - somehow Mum never gets it right. Whoof Whoof
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