Tuesday, September 09, 2008
In Rememberance
On January 10th 2008 at approx 5.30 pm Duc went to the Rainbow Bridge.

On minute he was racing around barking madly and the next he had passed away. He suffered very little pain and I was able to hold him in my arms until the end. It was all over in 5 mins. The vet said it was likely a blood clot straight to his heart. He left this life as he lived it full of life and fun. He would have hated it any other way.

He bought such joy into my life and loved me fiercely. He is missed terribly.

This was the verse in the card from the Vet's.

If today we say goodbye
Let not our parting make you cry
For I could not have had a better friend
To share my day with until their end

So think of me, as I know you will
As if I am beside you still
For as long as I remain in your heart
We will never be apart
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