Monday, April 03, 2006
I'm in trouble

I have been having so much fun outside every night. I managed to squeeze though a barrier that stops me from getting into my favourite place for hunting. Mum forget to barricade it up 2 nights in a row.

Only problem is that there are lots of Farmer's Friends to get in my ears and I HATE getting my ears brushed when they get tangled. This is what Mum got out the first night and the second night was even worse. I tried every trick in the book - lying on my side while Mum brushes them but she just popped me in between her legs and got down to the business of getting them all out. It really hurts my ears even though she tries to be gentle. I was hoping she would cut them out. I was so excited the 2nd night and managed to get passed 2 barrier's to get that green frog that keeps coming into my space. Mum came out just as I got through the 2nd barrier and the frog jumped on Mum - it was toooooo funny. She wasn't impressed at all and quickly grabbed me and locked me inside. Spoiled sport.

Today she was up there pulling out all the Farmer's Friends - I had to stay down below the wall barking at her. Guess what she found while she was up there - a SNAKE Skin. She had made it so that I will never never be able to get back up there. I am sure I could make short work of a silly old snake. I'm a HUNTER for goodness sake. Sometimes she can be so over protective.............sigh.

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