Friday, February 24, 2006
How Rude

How rude is this............I was at home enjoying myself to today - it was rainy outside so I was snug in my bed when all of a sudden I was grabbed and rushed into Nathan's room and the door was locked tight - help - dognapping

is what I first thought and then there were all these strange noises happening and honestly I thought I have got to get out of here to see what is happening to my family. I barked and barked but no one took any notice at all. I was getting frantic as my favourite buddy was out there and the noises sounded so terrible I thought something bad must be happening to him. A little later the noise went quite and I thought here I am all alone and something terrible has happened to my family I must try and escape from the bedroom so I barked myself nearly hoarse. Then suddenly I heard Mum's voice so I gathered up enough strength to bark again to let Mum know where I was. Then I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and the door slowly creaked open ohh the sweet relief when I realised Mum was all right and so where the rest of the family - next thing Mum shoved me out the laundry door and barred me from inside - what HAD I DONE WRONG to deserve such treatment. After about 10 mins Mum suddenly let me back inside - about time too I tell you I have been treated so badly today that I was seriously thinking of running away. I raced downstairs to check out what had happened while I was locked up and would you believe it but there was such a mess in the downstairs room with cords, computers, screens everywhere - the old desk which was my favourite place to hide and sleep under was gone and in it place a brand new one - I can't believe the size of this thing. There is plenty of space for me to hide under it and never be found. After checking everything out I retired back to bed as I was absolutely knackered. I tell you one thing I am not a young as I used to be - it sure is hard work looking after this family of mine.

Whew I could sleep for a week. Thought I would add a photo of my favourite sleeping place - Nathan's bed . Whoof Whoof.

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