Monday, February 20, 2006

We got visitors, we got visitors. I can't believe this Mum tried to trick me. She got these bones out for me and I thought Hello I am getting these a bit early - then thought well I might as well tuck in and chomp them up - I just was settling in for a good gnaw when I head these voices and not only 1 or 2 but lots and lots.........soon forgot about them bones. This is a little more exciting than chewing bones. I raced inside through the doggie door and flew down the hall way where Mum promptly scooped me up - she always has to spoil my fun. I barked and squirmed but she held on pretty tight. I realised one of the ladies was my neighbour and she ALWAYS spoils me rotten. I finally managed to get out of Mum's grasping hands and boy oh boy was there so many people to sniff and greet - it was like all my Christmas' had come at once.

I got lots of pats and tummy rubs I knew they couldn't resist a handsome chap like me although I did hear someone mention something about short leg syndrome when I barked to get everyone's attention. I have no idea what he was talking about. Everything settled down and Mum started playing this music and everyone went really quiet so I decided to catch up on some sleep - I was just nodding off when everyone got up and went upstairs where there were these delicious smells wafting off the table, chocolate, cheese it was enough to drive a body mad with desire. All of a sudden I found myself picked up and shoved outside with not a piece of cake in sight. Mum was mumbling something about people tripping over me and she didn't want anybody to break a leg etc etc. I won't dream about tripping anyone up - although it might have got me some cake though. I decided if I couldn't have any cake I might as well eat my bones.

Not much exciting happening today although Dad is home and so I made sure I kept out of his way - somehow I get the impression that Dad doesn't like me too much. The pic above is of me keeping an eye on the cupboard for Mum as I am sure there is a mouse in there and I have to earn my keep you know. So till tomorrow Whoof Whoof.

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