Tuesday, March 28, 2006
Bath Time

I love my bath time NOT. I can usually hear when Mum runs the water for my bath and I either do 1 of 2 things. Race outside and pretend that I am busy hunting or I go and hide under Nath's bed. Well she tricked me big time today. I DIDN't even hear her running my bath - I was busy cathching up on much needed sleep. Next thing I hear one of my favourite words CHEESE. My other favourite word is DINNER - can you see a pattern here - anything to do with eating. Back to being tricked by Mum. She had a lovely piece of cheese in her hand - she quickly grabbed me (gave me the chesse) and plonked me in the tub. She made me sit in the tub while she took my photo how bad is that - I could have gotten a really bad cold from that. The best part is where she wrappes me in the towels. I luv that bit even though my photo shows me looking grumpy. There is something about getting a bath that makes me race around like crazy and rubbing my ears on the mats and towels to get them dry. I feel so frisky after my bath - so I guess it's not that bad. Hi Scotty and Brooke don't I look cute and Mum tells me you are coming home to see me soon Scotty, I can't wait to get those special rubs behind my ears that you give me - somehow Mum never gets it right. Whoof Whoof
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  • At 9:07 PM, Blogger Karen

    Oh you look so cute with the suds on your nose!

    Maybe Wally should get a blog here in Los Angeles - What do you think.


    Los Angeles, CA